The advanced Instagram clone software solution.

SnipoFeed is an effective Social Networking app packed with a profusion of features starting from simple news feed to complex image filters. Status Updates, Activity log, Push Notifications and way more to go. This keep your intrigued and its ready to market solution.


Instagram Clone App - 100% Customizable

You can make use of an Instagram clone script to build and launch your own photo/video-sharing mobile application similar to the successful Instagram application. The clone script comes packed with rich features, and features can be integrated, removed or refined by making the appropriate changes within the source code. It is a fact that there are several online software clone scripts which are used to develop an Instagram clone app solution. To save your time, you can opt for Instagramcloneapp's very own software which contains all the features of Instagram and additional amazing features as well. The clone script is 100% customizable and very robust in terms of scalability as well. It can also be white labelled. Some of the typical features that come in our solution include Integrated Chat, HashTag Functionality, Enhanced Photo/Video Filters and Social Media Platform Integration. Other features that were not a part of the original Instagram app includes the likes of Secret chat, HD Audio/video calling and a Highly secure money wallet. Get in touch with us now, and we will do everything to develop the ultimate Photo Sharing Social Networking Platform that comes in both the iOS and Android platforms.


Get to know more about this app

  • signup
  • Image/Video Sharing
  • Newsfeed
  • Explore
  • Search Option
  • Image Filter
  • Activity Log
  • Chat

Integral Features

Social Media Plugin

Avail the app easily. using Facebook or Google + or any other social media platform as portals to login rather than following the traditional tedious approach to sign in using the Email ID or the contact number

Edit Profile

The user base has the liberty to modify the profile where the username, profile photos, the description of the bio and all other personal details like the email id used or phone number used can be updated.

App Settings

Direct Integration with facebook gives you the option to connect with your existing friends. App emphasizes on the user security and two step verification is enabled to avoid misuse.

Revenue Model

Visual content provides a strong platform for monetization which can be done using Native advertisements or Sponsored marketing, In-app purchases and by selling Stock photos.

Activity Log

Activity Log offers a detailed insight about who the user has been following and who are following the users. Also it serves effectively in furnishing details about the number of photos, the likes, the comments which the user receives from having posted a photo or video.

Detailed Profile

The SnipoFeed clone features for you, beautiful and stunning profile pages where every user can upload the photos and save them in addition to sharing them across the various social media profiles.

Push Notifications

The user availing the app is linked up with everything that is taking place with respect to the account and profile. Rest assured the users get notified and alerted for everything.

Capture Image

Capture high quality images and stunning videos from your smartphone camera or access them from your phone gallery and make use of our amazing filters to enrich them. Add descriptions with emoticons and commenting features to your favorite photo.


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100% Unencrypted Source code


Get to know what we are using

Node Js


Angular JS (Admin Panel)


Native apps


SSH Access


Amazon S3



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About Snipofeed (Instagram Clone apps)

Snipofeed is our Instagram Clone Script which is developed to build a fun-filling and functional social media application similar to Instagram. Social media applications are very successful among the masses, and they have the ability to keep the users for hours scrolling in the app and what determines the success of an application? It’s the user engagement, good revenue and user retention. And, social media applications, especially photo-sharing applications, achieve all the criteria as mentioned earlier, going towards success. It is a great idea to start your business with Instagram Clone Apps

Our Instagram Clone is a market-ready social media application which is safe and secure for the users to utilize. Our Instagram Clone Script is 100% customizable based on the business requirements and personal preferences of our customers, and Snipofeed is a perfect social media solution for both the general users and business purposes. We have developed an innovative algorithm that ensures the smooth running of applications for both public and business profiles. Our Instagram Clone is designed to provide superior user experience by integrating key algorithms and fun-filled features.

Why Do You Need an Instagram Clone Script?

Without a doubt, when we think about photo-sharing applications with a proper business model, only Instagram comes to our mind. It is a revolutionary social media application mostly used by young adults either for fun or to promote their business. If these reasons aren’t enough to launch your app with Instagram Clone, here are some statistics.

Over the past year, Instagram has registered about 1 billion active monthly users, and over 500 million of them opened the application at least once a day. These numbers are insane, and with proper application development and launch strategy, your business can also flourish. We made sure that our Instagram Clone has all the functional features and filters just like an Instagram application.

Features of Snipofeed

Our Instagram Clone Script comes with various key features essential for social media application but also can be added and modified by the clients based on their business requirements. Get to know our features.


Users can easily sign up for Snipofeed either by using the phone number or email id, but also Facebook can be used to signup.

Search Option

Through search options, users can easily find anyone they are looking for like friends, business accounts, brands and so on.

Image and Video Sharing

Users can share any images and videos instantly in our Instagram Clone application, and they can also add filters and hashtags to the image/videos.

Image Filters

Snipofeed is designed to have an image filter feature where people can enhance their images by adding fun and creative filters.


Explore allows users to explore and discover new pages and profiles, and these are recommended to users based on their interests and previous activities.


The newsfeed has all the images and videos shared by the people followed by the user; they can like and share media in the newsfeed.

Activity Log

The activity log has all the history of the user’s actions throughout the applications like comments, likes, follow requests and many more.


The users can easily message the people they follow; the chatting is smooth and comfortable with the options to share media and gifs.

Integral Features of Snipofeed

The comprehensive or key features are necessary for any applications to run smoothly. Get to know our integral features

Social Media Plug-in

The users do not have to resort to traditional methods of social media login like using an email or phone number. They can quickly login with the help of other social media like Facebook.

Profile Setup

Snipofeed users can creatively set up their profiles by adding a profile photo, writing the bio and linking websites if they have any.

Application Settings

People can modify the app’s settings easily, like setting their profile to public or private. And, they can link to Facebook to find the already existing friends.

Revenue Model

Earn money through our innovative revenue model, which includes paid promotions and advertisements and also sponsored marketing strategies.

Detailed Profiles

Snipofeed enables the users to create detailed profile pages which are unique to the users. Upload sequence of images and post videos, save and share media without any interruptions.

Push Notifications

Users can turn on notifications in the settings, and the app’s algorithm will notify whenever someone or something of their interest posts anything in the application.

Capture Images

With the help of our Instagram clone app, capture high-quality images which you can edit and add filters to enhance the photos.

Why Choose Us?

Our Instagram Clone Script is a high-performance and high-quality application with innovative and exquisite design layouts. Our clone script is 100% market-ready and highly affordable, just purchase and launch your business instantly.
We also provide services even after the application launch like 24 months of free updates and 36 months of free technical support because we strongly feel about the relationship with our customers. We provide 100% unencrypted code and also help in brand removal and free application installation.

Generate Greater Revenue through Snipofeed

The social media applications are a ground-breaking inventory of our generation, young adults, especially ages below 35, use these social media applications on a daily basis. Snipofeed allows the users to create different kinds of profiles like for general purposes, business profiles, and verified profiles.
With Snipofeed create good revenue for your business by utilizing options like sponsored advertisements, sponsored posts, video and post promotions, and video ads. These strategies are tested and proved as efficient and works very well for your business to earn money through social media applications.
In conclusion, we develop an efficient and dynamic social media/photo-sharing application that can be adjusted in accordance with the customer’s needs and necessities. Snipofeed is a well-developed functional application with conspicuous user interface and user experience. We also provide our 100% support in updates and technical issues even after the application launch. What are you waiting for? Purchase, configure and launch your application instantaneously with our Instagram Clone, Snipofeed.