The in-demand photo-sharing app Instagram sees no end to its popularity and it is signified that the app adds a new user to its huge user base for every moment of time. Instagram way back in 2012 was featured related to presence only for two years time but it made quite an impact ever since its inception and rollout. In the same year, Instagram was subject to acquisition by the social media giant Facebook. The deal took place at an astronomical $1 billion and at that time featured over 40 million people when considering the April of that year. There were rumors that Instagram was manipulated as the recommended photography app related to that year’s event of Olympic Games.


Many factors seem to indicate that it could surely have been used. For instance when Twitter was visited the most popular and trending hashtags were #torchrelay and #londonolympics. This was also signified by the uploading of several Instagram photos on to the platform. At that time, featured was also an official Instagram blog related to the Olympics. All these seemed to indicate that Instagram was sure to record the attention and showcase the experience related to the then yet to come 2012 Olympic Games.


Based on reliable sources, it is seen that over one billion photos were posted on Instagram and featured for every day was an influx of more than five million new photos. A deep analytics served to convey that on the basis of a single second 58 photos were posted on Instagram. Also seeing the power and dominating presence of smartphones, it surely augments the scenario that a majority of the users would upload their photos delineating the experience associated with the Olympic Games. The chances and the probability of this to occur were very large and it is a simple logic with regards to creativity to assert that many people will surely manipulate Instagram in order to share experiences.


However, a downside related to this exciting news about Instagram is the event viewers will be prevented from sharing photos or video clips which they would click or record indicating the present action of the Olympic events. The terms and conditions signified that the sports fans can manipulate the photos for personal use alone and there are no chances of uploading and sharing the photo through Instagram and all the other associated social media platforms.


Fortunately, for those who are not present in the Olympic venues did not have these rules to deter them from posting pictures on to the app. This is evident that a majority of the people were watching the action from a pub or their home. In addition, there are several more instances of this case related to sharing photos through Instagram.Apart from that, the various enterprises were able to manipulate Instagram to their benefits during the games. A typical instance is that an event was held for judging the best Instagram picture related to the Olympics. This event was made to use by the enterprises so that they could connect with the audience base.


Even withstanding the restrictions when it comes to uploading and sharing photos of the Olympic events through Instagram, it is featured as one of the best ever apps developed and its social factor made sure that it could go on to be the most used app for the Olympic Games.