A overview about the past when Instagram modified its stratagem

Featured sometime back was a rumor about Instagram the popular photo-sharing app.

Instagram was supposed to generate revenue from user’s data while concealing the users. It was no shock as soon Instagram was purchased by Facebook. Facebook for its part was subject to criticism on Twitter after a report was made that the shared photos could be exploited for advertisements.

The main factor was due to acquiring revenue. Instagrammers have not been enlightened that the app does not feature any money-making capability. In order to boost user experience, the brand was not inclined to manipulate ads. In spite of the fact that there are millions of users, there was no revenue for the brand.

After Facebook subject Instagram to its acquisition, the deal was summed to be valued at nearly 1 billion dollars. However, as time passed it dipped to $740 million where the former was subject to a loss summing up to 300 million dollars.

It was not precise as to whether anything on a firm ground modified the terms and conditions of Instagram then.

The service focuses on the need to reserve the rights to manipulate shared photos even in spite of the fact it was the people who snapped the photos retaining ownership.

This causes a big uproar and stir in the media as the user base was concerned about privacy.

Then later Instagram officially proclaimed the change without revealing details as to its plans. The modified terms then gave a view that Facebook was inclined to make Instagram associated with advertisements in a way resembling that of Facebook’s own advertisement related ventures. It is very much evident that the photo-sharing app could manipulate the photos for marketing to friends rather than an enterprise.

Immediately, Instagram noted that there was a misunderstanding and that it wanted to venture deep into the world of advertisements.

The scenario was that the user base was discontent on a large scale as seen the fact that other photo sharing apps featured a huge influx of downloads. Ultimately people should be enlightened with the fact that uploading pictures onto the web does not signify that it is private