Currently, the photo-sharing app Instagram features 500 million active users on a daily basis

Currently, the photo-sharing app Instagram features 500 million active users on a daily basis. However going some time back, in 2 years after its rollout, Instagram supplied the enterprises a portal for powerful mobile user base all accomplished through visual content. Thereby it provided its services for a figure of more than 40% of the dominating enterprises.


Further after some time, the photo-sharing app surpassed Twitter with regards to encompassing the biggest number of smartphone users active on a daily basis. This proved effective thanks to the higher inclination of association featured in the Instagram users. It is high time to embrace and integrate Instagram for every enterprise where on the contrary it would not help in assimilating more number of captivated and engaged users.


If the brand is related to providing digital retail services and it features some amazing photos of the products which it has to offer, then the brand could surely embrace Instagram for better outcomes. The Instagrammers will disclose the reviews related to the product along with comments as well giving Instagram the edge over Pinterest wherein the associated users prefer to comment very less and also pin and like with the greatest passion. The Instagram associated photos are not that typically normal as photos with innovation spiced up will occupy the center of attention.


Instagram is also the preferred option if the user wants to broadcast a captivating story. The celebrities can upload their pictures and sync up with the fans present in Instagram all at an instance. Pictures associated with the various campaigns, the workers, and their accomplishment serve effectively in giving an insight to the audience about what exactly is happening in the background. Pinterest wont prefers such photos to be uploaded to its platform.


In addition, the Instagram pictures can be synced up with other social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Coming to Pinterest it is a rapidly growing website which paves way for an excellent social platform related to visuals so that enterprises can embrace it and serve the audience base effectively. There is no association in Pinterest to sign up when associated with Instagram. Further, Pinterest has featured more traffic when evaluated with the combining of YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn.

It serves effectively when the brand is an online enterprise featured with media files like photos and videos regarding the products of the brand which occupy some slots related to Pinterest. Related to these, the associated pins are visible for the users falling under such categories where a single tap is enough to bring them to what they are looking for on the brand’s website. It would serve effectively if developing good data like infographics or any news related to the brand. The content posting is same like how it is done on Facebook and Twitter.


The conclusion

Instagram and Pinterest provide an assortment of alternatives for enterprises to sync up and associate with the user base who are approaching them in a digital manner. Hence ultimately it is better suggested to use an amalgamation of both as the audience base is sure to be in any one of the sites and it wont be effective by not giving importance to any one of them.