Currently, the photo-sharing app Instagram features some innovative methods related to manipulating Instagram Stories advertisements.

Currently, the photo-sharing app Instagram features some innovative methods related to manipulating Instagram Stories advertisements. It is also a preferred choice and alternative to bringing an influx of online traffic for the user base’s websites and blog postings.


  1. Don’t Use Banned Hashtags On The Post

It is common knowledge that every hashtags are not generated alike. Manipulating Instagram’s blocked and prohibited hashtags could seriously result in negative consequences and overlooking it does not prove to be a reason to bring up after it is done.

A collection of the prohibited hashtags feature equal traits and they are in contrast with the guidelines and rules related to Instagram. However, some are not belonging to the same category. A research conducted by HuffPo noted that the list of banned hashtag variants encompasses #adulting, #citycentre and #eggplant to name a few. A proper analysis of the hashtags to be included has to be done with meticulous care and it has to be ascertained that they fit exactly for the Instagrammer’s audience base without concealing anything and are not associated with anything regarding which the user has no knowledge or insight about including an emoji or an urban dictionary.

  1. Use A Third Party Posting App

Instagram makes sure that third-party apps are prohibited from directly posting on the platform. Hence regarding the same, it features a confined API. The user base can manipulate a social media dashboard, for instance, Agorapulse in order to operate and deal with the Instagram account. However, this venture is somewhat intricate to follow when evaluated with that of Facebook and Twitter.

However, a majority of the social media management apps serve to circumvent this and taking an instance, the user can sign in to the Agorapulse profile and an Instagram post can be organized and prepared.

The user will be alerted regarding the same in proper time. After that, the user can sign in into the Agorapulse app, which will direct the user to Instagram and all that has to be done is click publish. The main factor to be comprehended here is that the user must be the person who clicks and activates publish.

Although, this is the preferred method to abide by, featured are several apps like Schedugram which assists the user to post content directly on to Instagram. All it needs is the entry of the username and password so as to login into the account. Featured here is a list of huge guidelines and terms. Although the venture of circumventing some hoops serves to be annoying, it ensures that the profile is well secured and fortified

  1. Don’t Post Too Much Content

Authentic human users are what that Instagram app prefers to be associated as Instagrammers. The guidelines are developed to ascertain that they occupy the main preference when evaluated with spammers and other such entities. Featured on the social media platform, Twitter are some apps like Social Quant which assists in the process of developing the following group by following and leaving/ unfollowing a given set of people. However, Instagram is not lenient with that venture and this is the main reason why Instagram features an unsubstantiated cap related to how the account functions and operates.

The statistics related to these have not been disclosed by the social media platform but based on the analysis done by Ana Gotter, the following metrics were revealed.

More than 60 people were followed and unfollowed on an hourly basis. More than 300 posts were liked in the same time. In addition, over 60 comments were posted in the same timeframe

  1. Stay Away From The Robots

Instagram is not friendly with regards to the power and manipulation of bots which serves in making the work of marketing and advertising automated in all means.

In order to promote additional growth for the profile, an enthralling way is to manipulate bots which by default will comment and follow/unfollow people. However, this is a risky venture where according to the aforementioned Rule 3, this venture will lead to negative outcomes for the user base. Hence it is suggested that everything must be done from a human/user point of view in all instances.