Disclosing the exact cost to create an Instagram like application

An undisputed king when it comes to the domain of social media Instagram is no doubt one of the best mediums to get associated with everyone across the globe. Taking into account the 8 years since it was launched, the accomplishments it has made with respect to photo and video sharing in social media has attracted another Social Media giant Facebook to purchase it.

As revealed by Statista, as of this June Instagram has a staggering 1000 million users. It also reveals that apart from being a social media platform it can leverage enterprises to gain more reputation among their user base.

By now, you might be ready to develop an application similar to Instagram so lets get rolling !!!

This article will tell you an overview of all the features and functionalities as associated with Instagram to give you an idea about the cost involved in the development work for you

(I) Going for an MVP

We know that the market is over saturated with several photo and video sharing apps so opt for an MVP and use the feedback obtained to validate your idea. Thereby a lot of resources are saved along with the time as well.

(ii) Account Authorization related implementations

This is the first  factor to be considered in the case of all social media apps.With regards to this, the user can create a brand new account or make use of their already existing account as associated with some other social media platform.

Also to be considered is the implementation of an feature to get a new password if the original one is lost. This can be done via using the email id and the mobile number.

Thereby the total time involved in this work falls somewhere around 65 to 70 hours.

(iii) Creating an customizable Profile

Next comes the work to get a profile developed so that the users can get to share all their media content. This will take around 50 hours to get completed.

(iv) Implementing the option of Messaging

A mandatory prerequisite to ascertain your success factor in terms of reaching out the people from all across the world, a messaging feature will be that good. Also make sure to embrace the concept of notifications as well. Thereby to handle huge loads of messages give importance to the server as well.

The related work will take almost 120 to 140 hours.

(v) Uploading the media files

Now comes the most important feature to implement if you are contemplating developing an app like Instagram.

This will take around 75 to 300 hours which includes incorporating the option to comment on the media the user will post.

(vi) Adding a rich look to the photos

Another important aspect that you have to consider is allowing the option to edit your photo as this is mandatory for all types of social media apps. The users must be enthralled by the app when it allows creativity into play with regards to enriching the photos.

Carrying this work will take around 70 hours.

(vii) Incorporating additional settings

Make sure that you allow the user to tweak the settings with regards to push notifications, the languages and other security related aspects as well.

In order for this to be carried out, the server has to be interfaced with the Google or Apple server by using the relevant ID.

The entire work involved in this will take around 95 to 125 hours.

(viii) Interfacing with the entire Social Media world

As you are developing a social media app you have to  sync it with other social media platforms that you are associated with. This will pave the way for effective communication.

This will take 8 to 10 hours in work to get implemented.

(ix) Enhanced Search Option

This can help your app users to get in touch with all their loved ones and other known people who are also on the social media app domain as well. You can ascertain that they are abreast with all the latest topics featured on the world of social media as relevant to them.

This consumes 60 to 70 hours of work involved.

(x) UI/UX design

Dont forget to take this fundamental factor associated with all mobile apps into account. Keep everything that basic yet entertaining and unique for you as a brand.

For UI/UX design related work the time involved is 60 to 70 hours.

(xi) Other extra Costs involved

Take into account, the cost involved in branding, testing and other post launch work as associated with your app as well. Finally dont forget to include the cost of availing an effective development team to get your work done.


To wind up things, the total cost involved in the related app development process varies as per your needs and the App Development team related services as well. Roughly it falls somewhere between 50,000 to 60,000 dollars approximately.