Ever since its inception 7 years ago, the photo-sharing app Instagram has emerged as the rapidly progressing social media platform which is featured currently.

Ever since its inception 7 years ago, the photo-sharing app Instagram has emerged as the rapidly progressing social media platform which is featured currently. Featuring over 300 million users where the statistics are set to grow even further. Instagram has evolved such that data sharing has been made more smooth and streamlined along with the user experience. To quote a given instance, the app launched its stories feature as an answer to its competitor SnapChats.

Presently, Instagram features more dominance among the user base especially those who have been manipulating Instagram and Snapchat side by side. Now there is a decline in the aspect to use both the apps and the userbase is attracted towards Instagram, thanks to its amazing and streamlined features.
This venture has proved to be a success for Instagram and has accumulated more users compared to Snapchat. The aspect of media sharing is augmented here featured with a chat option as well. This could make it a formidable threat to other direct and instant messaging platforms. The surge in popularity is due to innovation.

Instagram is the best fit when it comes to displaying content to others with the help of pictures. As the user base is very much tech savvy and shopping oriented, the content can be developed rapidly with innovation implemented in it. It serves to provide a unique experience than the other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The attention over here is given to images and videos instead of words. As per what research has to say, the app is used on a daily basis like Facebook confirming a very much trustworthy and lively user base.

Seeing this venture to appease a younger and innovative user base could sure be a cause of concern for the established brands which seek to promote social media branding. As evident from the volume of usage, progress related to branding with the app looks promising. In this intense vying, the brands should innovatively develop methods to stay at the forefront of the market related to the social media domain.

Products of a brand are very much simple with respect to branding when evaluated with services. There should be the brainstorming of brand new and fascinating ways which serves to gain the attention of the Instagram user base.

There is a huge volume related to the usage of Hashtags and developing one is effective and reliable in captivating the user base like how Twitter operates. Proper synchronization of the hashtag with respect to the visual content has to be done meticulously. When evaluated with some other apps which follow the logic, this approach is not that easy and basic to be manipulated.

As Instagram is primarily a mobile app, the content must be very much discernible and updated on an incessant basis satiating the mobile data ravenous and famished user sector. It is evident that only new content will bring about more captivation.

In addition, Instagram stories are very much effective to be associated with the audience base for a timespan of 1 day. These Stories can be manipulated so that the prospective users are notified with the latest news regarding the enterprise and should ensure that the user base feels that it is an integral part of the brand.

Instagram is featured to brand virtually anything and therefore with a well composed and dedicated team which thinks innovatively, the brand is surely in the center of attraction.

As the audience base which manipulates the app on a daily basis is very much young and educated, surely there is room for even further progress and trust related to them. Instagram will soon find itself in the limelight for serving virtually any enterprise venture and this is the right time to manipulate it and enter the marketplace domain before it is overwhelmed with more crowd.