Featured are few guidelines to boost the quality of the Instagrammer’s photos

If you are a photo maniac then Instagram must already be featured on your device and it features over 800 million users with 500 million daily users.

Featured are few guidelines to boost the quality of the Instagrammer’s photos and make it stand out

It is a fact that Instagram’s popularity can be attributed to hashtags. For every Instagram photo featured are 30 tags. When related to moderation, it features the handy attribute for people with common interests to find the photos. Hence, the hashtags must be made relevant.


In the event featured is an inappropriate comment which might sound rude, it is better to delete it.  Related to the iOS users they can avail Comment and select the comment and swipe it to the left so that it can be deleted and then finally click the trash-can icon. Speaking for Android users, the user has to click Comment below the photo and then select the one which has to be discarded and then press the trash can icon located at the top. The user can also report it as abuse if the needs arise.

In the event ,the Instagrammer is one who is incessantly receiving hate comments, the app allows the user base to select a list of people who can post comments, it could be everybody, or the followers or the people whom the user follows. It is done by going to Settings then Comments and finally Allow Comments From where the option is selected.

In order to further make use of Instagram to prevent certain words and comments to be posted or to deactivate comments completely the option Hide Inappropriate Comments can be done to stop comments featuring offensive and abusive words. In addition, the user can integrate custom keywords which will conceal the comments featuring those keywords. Once everything is accomplished, press Done.

In order to toggle of the aspect of commenting prior to posting, then Advanced Settings has to be availed and it must be integrated with a caption before sharing. Next, the Turn off Commenting has to be activated. Instagrammers can stop the comments to flow into an existing post by availing it and clicking the ellipsis followed by choosing Turn Off Commenting.

For security, the Instagram’s two-factor authentication can be toggled by availing Settings and then selecting Two-Factor Authentication. Next, the slider has to be manipulated to be set on Require Security Code. Following that the phone number can be added to get a security code so as to authorize the Instagrammer when signing in.

Last year Instagram enhanced the time limit for videos to a minute. In the Instagram home screen, the + button has to be clicked and then a video must be selected from the camera roll and then finally Library is picked to select the video. In order to record a video, the option Video has to be selected and the finger must be long pressed on the middle of the screen. To snap several shots in a 1-minute video, it is done by removing the finger from the screen and then pressing again to continue the process.

Featured on Instagram is Boomerang to create GIF files. The aspect of a mini video featuring high quality is created with the simple press of a button. In the home screen, the user has to swipe left and then select the option to use or download it for the iOS and Android users.


In the event the user is captivated by Snapchat Stories then it is ascertained that Instagram’s equivalent will also be captivating. First Stories related to the people whom the Instagrammer follows must be selected and then further, the user has to swipe left and then long press the screen for an extended look.


The + sign must be availed from the top left of the main screen then a photo or video file is taken. Once done, the media file is enriched with emojis and letter icons. Undo option is also featured and Done finishes it. Cancel button discards the entire story. So as to save it and share it the download icon and the check mark have to be pressed. The Story is featured for a day’s time.