Featured in Instagram are over 500 million active users.

Featured in Instagram are over 500 million active users. This is really a pleasing news. Further analysis is sure to impress the user base. As aforementioned Instagram features a mammoth total of 500 million active users where 300 millions of them manipulate the app on a daily basis. A majority of the users summing to 80% don’t belong to the United States. Featured are over 4.2 billion likes and more than 95 million media files like photos and videos which are posted on a daily basis. This will surely serve effectively for enterprises and will provide an insight related to how Instagram can be manipulated for the enterprises. The main challenge with this is to assimilate loyal customers, the steps to do so are outlined below.


  1. Signup with Facebook:

The best-preferred method to create an Instagram account is through Facebook where by default, it will aid in following the user’s friends already registered with Instagram and the vice versa also happened. The user base’s family members and friends are the initial followers related to the photo-sharing app which will assist in the enhancement of the profile and in preparation for the next task.

  1. Quality Photos:  The quality of the photos is another mandatory and prime most concept with regards to Instagram. Care must be ascertained that photos are associated with high quality prior to Instagram posting. This results in an influx of likes and comments which in turn will assimilate even more number of followers and promotes the progress of the enterprise with a significant boost, overtaking all the rivals and being at the forefront of the intensely vying market. In the likelihood of snapping pictures through camera devices, care must be ensured that the lighting settings and focus are effective so as to develop the best photos which become a smash hit on the platform.


  1. Like other Photos:

When the Instagram user likes other’s photos then it ensures that the corresponding users will surely visit the specific user’s profile and make up their mind to be like the user’s photos and as a consequence become followers. For a brand to have a widespread network, this is the primary step to be followed on the photo-sharing app.

  1. Follow Others:

Similar to the aforementioned trick, this helps in attaining more number of followers on Instagram. When the Instagram user follows others, they will, in turn, become followers of the users and strengthen the bondage even much more strongly. As the simple logic says, in order to accumulate followers, follow other profiles.

  1. Comment on other Photos:

Although this venture encompasses a lot of time consumption and efforts, the end results are guaranteed to be effective. Post commenting with regards to other’s photos, then the likelihood of them to comment on your photos and hence become followers is increased considerably. A given amount of time-related to commenting on other photos is sure to augment followers.


  1. Use relevant Hashtags:  In order to augment the visibility factor and reach of an Instagram profile, the suggested method is to manipulate hashtags which have evolved a lot ever since their inception. Hashtag usage is proportional to getting more interest in the photos and as a consequence will generate more likes and followers. The Instagram profile and indirectly the brand is enhanced.


  1. Exchange Shoutouts:

Speaking about this methodology it is mutually beneficial where the user can promote others and simultaneously they will promote the user as well providing enhancement and as a consequence branding related to the profile. The Instagram profile has to identify the relevant people featured in the category related to the user and request them for a shoutout. This is implemented by sharing an email or providing a request from Instagram.