Featured on Instagram are some difficult ventures associated with photo editing.

Featured on Instagram are some difficult ventures associated with photo editing. This has become commonplace. Instagram is featured as the best platform to add selfies, create a photo gallery and share the photos on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. In order to carry out these functions, it requires the appropriate photo editing tool which will take care of the rest and arrange the photo files. Featured in this article are top-ranking Instagram Photo Editing Apps which have seen a rise in prominence over the recent few months.

  1. Square FX

Cropping is featured as an annoying aspect which the user faces when trying to upload the pictures and placing them on to the square frame of Instagram. This is tackled with the use of the Square FX app where the needed adjustments are made related to the requirements how it has to be. With Square FX you can change anything encompassing colors, frames and styles. In addition, photo selection is done quickly and in the same way, they are made to be fit on the frames in order to tackle the hindrance of Cropping. The pictures can be stored in the photo gallery. You can also experiment with the pictures by scaling or rotating or any other functions which have been integrated with the Square FX app. To enrich the photo further with effects and touches, the user can opt for a list of background settings related to color and pattern. The latest version of the app includes bug fixes. In order to enjoy even more features from the app, it is recommended to upgrade the account to the premium service.

For the iTunes users, they can download the app all for free so as to manipulate the fundamental and basic attributes. The app is developed particularly for the iOS products.

  1. VSCO Cam + VSCO Grid

This assemblage is featured for both the iOS and Android users. It is effective in developing and sharing the photography skills. It is featured as the best platform permitting the bonding between the photographers and those who would like photos to be taken. Featured is an era where the pictures convey a lot more than texts. It is rare to identify and select a platform which imbibes the sharing capability to the photographers on a worldwide scale.

Some of this product’s features include manipulation of its own filters rather than those of Instagram. The user can customize the photo with colors so that it looks attractive before it is shared on Instagram. As aforementioned it is featured to be compatible with iOS and Android operating devices. A great level of insight is provided related to the experienced photographers spanning the entire globe thanks to the presence of related VSCO journals and documents. The user can browse through the images library and they can opt for the desired pictures. The VSCO Cam Store also encompasses several known and effective tools along with presets


  1. Snapseed

In order to carry out several experimentations with the pictures featured on the iOS platform, featured for this is the Snapseed app particularly developed for the same. The photos can be subject to adaptation on the iOS devices and there is a loupe tool which allows refining photos so as to adjust the contrast, brightness, saturation and other settings.  Snapseed features amazing Black and White filters which are mainly manipulated to promote a retro look for the images. Images can also be shared on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr to name a few.

Speaking of tags, they have to be mandatorily integrated with all the images on the various social media platforms like Instagram. Irrespective of whether the account is enterprise oriented or a personal one, it is suggested to integrate all the information regarding the pictures. This serves to generate an influx of customers in the case of enterprises and their associated products. Hashtags help in enhancing the visibility of any Instagram profile related to search engines and the aforementioned Instagram photo editing apps offer simplicity in carrying out related work.