For brands, the customer base prefers to get immediate access to information and appeasement. Related to that Instagram stories is the ideal choice.

For brands, the customer base prefers to get immediate access to information and appeasement. Related to that Instagram stories is the ideal choice. It features the uploading of a media file be it picture or video on the Instagram platform which will cease to exist after 24 hours is up.


The underlying logic related to Instagram stories is the shareable aspect is done in an instance and since they are displayed only for 24 hours time, the users have to see them immediately.


Again speaking for enterprises, this feature when manipulated precisely can prove beneficial for the business base.

An ideal method to using the concept of Instagram stories relates to uploading videos detailing the typical and routine ventures of the business. Integrated are handy captions which provide insight for the followers. This serves effectively in the cases of enterprises who want to brand the product via video format or photo format. To quote an instance, an eatery with relation to a new dish can develop an Instagram story which will serve effectively in enthralling even more number of customers.

Instagram stories are also manipulated to disclose special deals and discounts which can be branded with an amazing image or by developing a short video which is then posted. The customers must be ascertained that the deals are featured only for a time span of 24 hours. Therefore this effectively nudges the followers to share the Instagram story with several other people.

It is suggested to post photos and videos related to an enterprise’s product which is manipulated. This approach has become famous and is used by several enterprises. In the event a captivating video is uploaded, then it will surely serve effectively in making the customers to make the purchase.

Featuring the fact that an enterprise has done a major accomplishment or has been credited with an award or prize, then this can be disclosed in the form of an Instagram story. A small basic video related to the enterprise staff speaking to the camera will serve effectively in signifying the fact regarded the milestone reached by the enterprise. This serves effectively in entrancing the user base to use the services of the respective enterprises.


In order to create an Instagram story, the feed has to be availed and the plus sign located at the top is tapped. Next, a circle button displayed at the bottom has to be tapped so as to snapshot a picture or it has to be long pressed to tape a video file all done from the vicinity of the smartphone.

For enhancement and editing with a filter, the user has to swipe left or right and choose from the various options displayed. Featured is a check mark at the bottom which has to be clicked to upload the story. Settings can be made to confine the story only to a limited set of users. This is done by activating Story Settings availed from clicking the three dots featured at the bottom.


Featured in Instagram are over 700 million active users on a monthly basis and there is no stoppage to its rise in prominence due to the fact that the cameras in smartphones are rapidly getting enhanced in snapping and recording high definition images and videos respectively.