Guidelines to generate revenue from the Instagram app

YouTubers featuring over 7 million subscribers can get revenues summing to $300,000 when partnering with brands. This won’t serve effectively as the normal people cant achieve that much fame. For Instagrammers with 100,000 followers, they could gain $5000 related to a post which was made in partnership with a brand.

For regular Instagrammers, there are several methods to gain revenue where they have to ensure that brands will prefer partnering with them.

Instagrammers with a surplus of 100,000 followers have the upper hand related to this. For Instagrammers comprising of only few thousand followers, they can associate with brands which require micro-influencers.


The content should be rich and satiate the user base in a given niche and sector. Care has to be ascertained that the pictures are synced up with the products which the Instagrammer prefers to brand be it anything.

Manipulation of relevant hashtags is a must so that it leads to increased visibility and gain followers. For this purpose the manipulation of a tool like Hashtagify.mecan serves useful.

The associated accounts must be requested for a shout-out. The Instagrammer can do a hashtag study to reveal saleable Instagram profiles where they share data associated with several unique users pertaining to the niche market. A detailed analysis of the content must be done and in the event they are frequently associated with shout-outs, then they must be availed so as to share the relevant post.

A good insight can be assimilated with respect to the top influencers related to how they captivate the audience base with relation to incessant posting.


Comprehending how much to charge

Provided the Instagrammer has encompassed several thousands of followers, next, the value of the Instagrammer with respect to the brand has to be contemplated. This serves effectively in preventing the client base from being charged extra or being undercharged.


Find Brands To Partner With

Post this venture, the Instagrammer can research the brands which will pay for the posts. In the event the Instagrammer has millions of followers, they will be overwhelmed by brands seeking partnership. Coming to budding influencers, a significant amount of work and effort must be focused on understanding the brands subject to a partnership.

Fortunately, featured is an abundance of influencer networks and platforms embracing micro-influencers.  Being associated with such networks will make the company associate the Instagrammer with brands which are demanding influencers. Related to that featured are some genuine and reliable networks serving their purpose.

  • Buzzweb: Provided the Instagrammers feature over 5000 followers, then they could register with BuzzWeb so as to generate money. The platform can be manipulated to come up with an estimated monthly revenue as associated with the follower base. ┬áThe Instagrammer can also get associated with several campaigns. Post-approval, the Instagrammer is paid in one day’s time.


  • This platform branches out to more than 1000 brands spanning over more than 65 countries. The Instagrammer has the liberty to be associated with the brands which they prefer and an application can be filled in so as to be a part of their campaigns. This proves more beneficial in the case of micro-influencers.


  • Fullbottle: In the event, the post is likely to generate bigger engagement, then Fullbottle is the apt choice. With Fullbottle, the Instagrammer will be paid depending upon the intensity of the engagement factor associated with the content. The Instagram user can bid for a given amount related to each and every likes on the Instagram post developed in accordance with a brand.

The main challenge related to monetizing the Instagram account is related to augmenting the followers. All the aforementioned guidelines serve effectively to tackle this hindrance. Provided the Instagrammer features the adequate number of followers, then all that the user has to do is sync up with the apt brands and get set for revenue generation manipulating the app.


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