How to form an Interesting Mobile App like Instagram?


All that a business needs are engagement. Moreover, with the rise of smartphones. The point remains, irrespective of the identified user persona, the photo-sharing app is constantly widening its horizon by engaging users of different age groups. The stats show that the photo-sharing app business is not yet to be concluded. Usually, it has a huge potential in terms of both innovation and expansion. The perfect time is right to build your very own Instagram-like mobile app. Let me provide you with a complete guide to build an app similar to Instagram clone.

Instagram as a Photo-editing App:

Instagram is a photo-editing app in disguise with so many colorful filters in place. Another application like an Instagram clone is Snipofeed.  Since you already equip your users with the additional tools they require for editing their photographs, they stay on the platform for a longer period. The victory of eCommerce has conceived a new term known as “Social Commerce”.without a doubt, photo-sharing applications keep the users engaged on the platform. This creates ample opportunities for the brands to showcase their products in the best of its light for the already engaged customers and create an additional source of income other than their apps and websites.

Instagram clone  as a Messenger App:

Be it any type of application,  Direct message helps the users to connect deeply with other users. the message can engage the users with emojis, share pictures from the feed, create groups, and chat!

A Quick, Simple Registration Process

Most of the time, businesses feel the need to extract complete information. However, it might do more harm than good to your business by frustrating your users with pages and pages of data to type and submit.  usually must Plan to extract the information from your users, the Facebook way. To build your photo-sharing app, a social media login and signup is a must and the most necessary feature. It not only makes it easier for your users to register quickly but also creates an opportunity for your business to create cross-platform ads.

Push Notifications

A photo-sharing mobile app is an entertainment app for your users. Set an algorithm that will help you know who the user follows the most. Whenever there is an update or a photo shared by the particular user. Send a push notification to the fellow users to keep them coming back to your photo-sharing app, wanting to know more.

Social Media Integration

Now, while keeping the competition aside, we must consider the fact that your platform needs promotion. This way your users will be able to post their pictures on your photo-sharing app and share it on other social media platforms with a tap! Not only you are building up the customer experience, but you are also promoting your app by leveraging user-generated content on popular social media platforms. Could there be any better win-win marketing strategy?

Cross-platform Compatibility

Instagram doesn’t run on many desktops and operating systems with all the features. It is a dedicated photo-sharing mobile app.


Stories on Facebook and Instagram have become the most engaging form of user-generated content. The story is published, push notification which is sent to the fellow users. Stories can be used as an invite-to-engage feature. This is an innovative way of building a story feature that can be by providing the user with the control to choose the amount of time they want their story to be displayed for.

Direct Messaging within Stories

An exciting feature for the users is usually within the direct message within the stories.

The user can create questions for their followers, ask them to make suggestions, create polls, and keep the engagement going on within the platform with the image, short video, or even plain text.

Here the users can get suggestions as to whom to follow and keep track of their recent actions on the photo-sharing application.

When we take it, on the other hand, the follower’s activity feature shows complete information about what the followers are doing on the photo-sharing app along with the exact time activity.With a successful business model on Instagram clone Snipofeed, you are not going to be the only business.

Important Things to Consider and notice  While Building an Instagram-like Mobile App

The mobile app development demands a lot of planning right from the start to the end. This means that you have to be on-the-go before launching the first version of your application. However, a lot of your hassles can considerably reduce, if you plan the development well then the plan would be proper. Every photo-sharing app looks like at the grassroots level.

  • User-friendly navigation
  • Clean UI/UX designs
  • Pleasing visuals and graphics
  • Personalized feed
  • Easy Photo-sharing option

The ideal way to build an Instagram-like app is mentioned as the following:

Always plan your business with the most basic features and then gradually enrich it with advanced features. This way you can test your market and make implementations. The same is the case with demography. You might have a strong personal reach but it is always a good idea to go baby steps with the demographics. Target specific demography, earn their loyalty, and they will talk about your brand on your behalf. Your ultimate goal is obviously to earn revenue out of all these painstaking efforts. However, your primary goal should be to create.