How to get More user in Instagram?

It is found that Instagram has one billion active users. Building an Instagram like app with the same features doesn’t really make any profit since the users are highly engaged with the existing application. Hence an application with unique features that Instagram doesn’t offer is needed in order to catch the interest of people. To gain more attention among the people and to increase the number of active users, it should be familiar among the people. The following are the ways to make the application more familiar. That why business people are trying to buy Instagram clone Script.

Social media marketing strategy:

A page should be created for your application on social media, and you can start communicating with your customers before you initiate the process of launching your application in order to widen the user base before the app is on hand. This can be achieved by undergoing the following procedures.

  • Do register on social media even before six months of launching the application.
  • Start communicating with the people as well as the targeted audience about what you offer.
  • Make people share your contents. This method can highly increase the number of users for your application. Keep posting pictures, videos etc. in order to gain constant attention from the users.

Referral strategy:

Referral strategy is a method of rewarding the user for inviting their friends to use the application. The rewards can be in any form. E.g., unlock new filters, other special features etc.

Through influencers:

One of the best ways to introduce your app to a large audience is by boosting your application with the help of influencers. The influencers promote the app by posting pictures, videos and reviews about the app and invite the followers to check on it. People who follow those influencers would try a new application, and thus the app reaches more people.

PR method:

PR method is an effective method of increasing the number of users for your application. PR method is nothing but getting in touch with bloggers and journalists. It is considered as one of the best ways to gain more reputation and views for your application. Prominent photographers can highly increase the number of users by clicking attractive pictures and posting them in blogs.


Engagement is a term which is measured by how often the

users spend time on your application. According to the survey, 35 per cent of users check Instagram numerous times per day. You can also engage users by providing various features. For example, you can provide a photo editing feature which makes the users use the app not only to check feeds but also whenever they need to edit pictures. Thus it highly encourages people to use your application. But most of the applications offer photo editing feature. Hence your application should be built in such a way that it should be capable of providing a unique feature which should make the users prefer highly.