In response to the repeated requests made by Instagrammers in the millions, the photo-sharing platform rolled out a brand new landscape layout

In response to the repeated requests made by Instagrammers in the millions, the photo-sharing platform rolled out a brand new landscape layout where the user base was featured with the ability to snapshot pictures with a touch of innovation.


This was conceptualized to reality as Instagram noted that several users were preferring to take the plunge into other rivals like Snapchat post discontentment associated with Instagram. This venture also served to prevent the branders to switching sides and has served in integrating, even more, number of advertisers.


One out of every five photos and video files uploaded to Instagram are cut off due to the square format. As a consequence people are cut out from the photo and this is not what the branders would prefer to happen again.


This new venture was made to make the Instagrammers featured with portrait and landscape features implemented on to the mobile devices as well as the desktop versions as well. This is an effective method to attract new users and advertisers as the later prefer more people to view the ad. This was made feasible.


History of Instagram:

Instagram is featured as a digital platform for sharing photos and video files to other people and other websites featuring Facebook and Twitter. It was conceptualized as a result of the brainstorming session done by its founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. It was launched as a free app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

After launch, it gained traction and featured over millions of users in a record timeframe of 2 years post the rollout. Seeing its well thriving productivity and popularity, the social media giant Facebook subject Instagram to its acquisition for an amazing $1 billion deal. An update released later encompassed the integration of brand new traits namely Landscape and Portrait Imaging and also included the amazing feature of Video Sharing as well. This served as a launchpad for Instagram to call it quits to the Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid images era with which it was associated previously.

Instagram has seen a worldwide growth and is featured in over 20 languages and it is compatible with the iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

Post the integration of portrait and landscape mode into the picture, Instagram experienced a massive surge in popularity. It served to bring back the user base who abandoned Instagram previously in favor of Snapchat, seeing that Instagram was all open to the requests and complaints raised by the user base and had responded back in kind satiating them to the fullest.

It is signified that the developments associated with Instagram confirmed that the developers were all open to contemplating the prevailing trends and that they have properly enhanced themselves with respect to the current ongoings in the market as stated by a given Android App Development Company. Another brand noted that the venture was done mainly to assimilate more advertisers so as to make the Instagram app more profit-oriented and satiating the online marketers with what they needed.

As noted by a brand, the main thing associated with these changes and developments was that Instagram was back with a blast. In addition, they indicate that its parent company Facebook won’t permit the opportunity for other such services to surpass the popularity of Instagram. This also additionally implied that Facebook was very much inclined to maintain and appease its user base and attract even more number of users into their organization.