Insight about the name change of Instagram app from Burbn

Speaking about Instagram, it needed only one and a half years to captivate several million people. A suitable example of one among them who was very much pleased with the photo-sharing app was Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Instagram had its roots in being developed by a couple of young graduates named Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom coming from the Standford University.

Five years back in April, the photo-sharing app was associated with an aura of excitement, buzz, and stir which lead it to be purchased by the Social Media giant Facebook for the sum of nearly $1 billion.

Systrom was the one who brainstormed the starting for the app and he held a 45% share with Instagram. A particular query which is associated and making rounds with the user base is that how Instagram similar to other mobile apps make quite an impact in the market and also how it grabbed the attention of the user base in a short period of time.


The photo-sharing app was initially under the name Burbn. However, as time progressed there was a need for a more trendy and attractive name which could associate with the notion of “Right here Right now” paving way for the first half of app’s name. Further, it was also related to taping all the evens which took place in life and that paved way for the suffix “gram.”

The venture proved to be a successful one and the new name of the app became widespread and very much visible to many people. The main reason was it was catchy and classy. Further, the name was very much simple for the people to remember and promote its usage with other people and friends.

The major acquisition of Instagram by Facebook was signified by many as to resembling the acquisition of the popular online video platform YouTube by the search giant Google for approximately 1.6 Billion dollars. This move served effectively for the later when it comes to the competitive market of Internet video and proved beneficial in improving the brand visibility among the public and other brands as well.

The rapid fame and popularity associated with Instagram caught the attention of several experts. It serves to throw light on how quickly the businesspersons can accomplish things. As seeing the brand’s immense nature featuring proficient teams, products along with a reputed brand name and featuring high-quality functioning, the goal can be achieved within a short span of time as signified by it.

When a brand’s name is modified it serves to be a bold venture. Instagram was well aware of the risks and the shortcomings but proceeded further to implement the name change and at current it has occupied a niche position in the market outpacing the other rivals who were also intensely vying to grab the center of attention and limelight. Currently seeing how Instagram is the main focus, it is ascertained that people will condemn and lambaste every single move taken by it. However, that is just a single part of the daunting tasks which lie ahead for the brand which has surfaced as a consequence of good name and fame