Instagram although effective, needs some previous insight regarding its manipulation.

Instagram has grown by leaps and bounds. Its potential is hard from not being noticed. It has developed as a powerful tool with regards social media and is the apt platform for enterprises and brands to sync up with the customer base and ensure augmented revenue.


Instagram although effective, needs some previous insight regarding its manipulation.


  1. Share Amazing Images

It is featured primarily as a photo and video sharing platform. To integrate more followers in Instagram it has to be ascertained that the pictures are of high standard. The information which is to be posted must be enthralling and neatly organized.

  1. Like Photos

Seeing Instagram as a social network platform, it is necessary to manipulate its platform so as to promote communication with others. ┬áSo as to augment the follower base in Instagram, the brand has to like several pictures to gain the people’s attention and convert them into followers. Another handy attribute is to post comments which are very much authentic and dont generate spams. In addition, it is important to follow profiles which have gained the attention of the brand.

  1. Post at the appropriate time

Based on an exhaustive analysis, the appropriate time to make posts in Instagram is at 5 pm on Wednesdays. This could be well suited or on the contrary related to the post. As seen from the brand’s point of view, the demographics featured with respect to the followers and other related details, Wednesday can be an effective or a untimed day related to the brand. The appropriate time to post contents for the customers requires some careful study and research which could take some time. Hence for this, there should be intense focus related to the likes and comments of every photo. Also identifying the best trends associated with the various times in a day is also very much effective.

  1. Use Hashtags

Another alternative to augment the follower base on Instagram is by manipulating the appropriate hashtags. Typically a majority of the people are on the lookout for some specific hashtags and it is best to integrate the photos on the Instagram platform with them so that they are viewable by the people. It serves in making the information to become widespread across a huge variety of people who earlier did not have any connection with the brand. The bigger reach and visibility of the content can be augmented with the implementation of some hashtags.

  1. Organize A Contest

A good move is to upload a captivating photo on to the Instagram profile of the brand and reward the follower who has the best caption suiting the photo. The help of apps like Heyo, WishPond and AgoraPulse serve effectively in this venture.

  1. Associating with other Social Networks

In the event, the brands have followers from other social media networks like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, they can be made a part of the brand’s Instagram following. Efforts must be made to simplify how the customers sync up with the brand from several sources.

Featured in Instagram are over 700 million active users on a monthly basis and there is no stop to its immense popularity as the smartphone cameras have enhanced to the next level when it comes to snapping and recording high standard pictures and video files.