Instagram Clone Script- Get Ready-Made and Customizable Instagram Clone Apps

The clone app scripts are very trendy nowadays, and it is no different when it comes to Instagram clone scripts. Many businesses and entrepreneurs depend on the Instagram clone script to create secure and authentic social media applications that are easier to use and navigate.

But why are people opting to develop Instagram-like applications? The statistics show that over a billion people use Instagram every month, and it is one of the prominent social media applications used by people for both general and business purposes. Talking about business, approximately 200 million people click on Instagram business pages on a daily basis, creating more revenue for Instagram. So creating an Instagram-like application will be favourable to the business.

Why Choose Instagram Clone Script?

Developing a social media application from scratch is expensive and consumes a lot of time. It will take several months to analyze, code, test and launch the apps. It takes hiring an entire development and testing team to complete the whole project. But using Instagram Clone Script people can quickly create a reliable and secure social media application. These Instagram clone apps are affordable and can be customized and personalized based on the customer’s requirements.

Custom-Made Instagram Clone apps

There are many Instagram clone apps available in the market, and these apps come with so many integrated and built-in features that can be customized and personalized according to the needs and requirements of the customer. The primary advantage in opting for Instagram Clone instead of developing a mobile application is the time consumption; these apps are ready to made and launched into the markets just with some customization.

Snipofeed is a perfect Instagram Clone app to launch your business

The Snipofeed is an excellent social media application integrated with so many fun and practical features. If you want to commence your online business, then choose Snipofeed to get tailored and authentic social media application with good user experience. Here are some features in Snipofeed.

News Feed

The newsfeed feature allows users to see what others have shared and posted in the social media application. The newsfeed can be custom-made according to consumer’s inclinations.

Profile Settings

Based on the user likings, the profile setting can be tailored and modified, and the users can upload a profile photo, add a bio and put on a website link if any.

Explore Page

The explore page recommendations are based on the user interests and who they are following; this page is fun and allows people to discover new things that draw their attention.

Filters and Chat

Snipofeed provides a fun and innovative filters that run smoothly and does not lag the application; users can take photos and videos using these filters. The direct message option enables to chat with other people through a post or story or even directly.


The stories are fun and allow people to share instant photos and videos with music, stickers and emojis, for 24 hours. It is a fresh and exciting way to share your thoughts and experience with people.