Instagram clone web page features content

Social Media login

Avail the app easily. using Facebook or Google + or any other social media platform as portals to login rather than following the traditional tedious approach to sign in using the Email ID or the contact number

Edit Profile:

The user base has the liberty to modify the profile where the  username, profile photos, the description of the bio and all other personal details like the email id used or phone number used can be updated.

App Settings:

The user can avail the information of the total Facebook associated friends who are manipulating the app and the settings can be fine tuned to find Facebook users who are manipulating the app and also serves to find other contacts with relative ease. In the event the user knows a given user or want to search for a given friend, the settings offer the easiest way to get the job done

Revenue Model:

Visual content provides a strong platform for monetization which can be done using Native advertisements or Sponsored marketing, In-app purchases and by selling Stock photos. It is basically a win -win monetization model that is mutually beneficial

Activity Log:

Activity Log offers a detailed insight about who the user has been following and who are following the users. Also it serves effectively in furnishing details about the number of photos, the likes, the comments which the user receives from having posted a photo or video. Insight is also provided about the frequency of app usage as well

Detailed Profile:

The Instagram clone features for you, beautiful and  stunning profile pages where every user can upload the photos and save them in addition to sharing them across the various social media profiles. The app also allows mil;title profile pictures to be set up in an instant.

Push Notifications:

The user availing the app is linked up with everything that is taking place with respect to the account and profile. Rest assured the users get notified and alerted for everything.

Capture Image:

Capture  high quality images and stunning videos  from your smartphone camera or access them from your phone gallery and make use of our amazing filters to enrich them. Add descriptions with emoticons and commenting features to your favorite photo.