Instagram has been featured as one of the more renowned photograph sharing apps

Instagram has been featured as one of the more renowned photograph sharing apps and as far back as the
time when the application was subject to acquisition by Facebook, its noted integration with the platform has
made the application much more consistent to utilize however the question arises as to whether replicating
features from a rival the eventual fate of tech industry
It is an undisputable fact that the way that social applications have been replicating each other's attributes for
quite a while and venturing into that domain is no news — however such relentless duplication with regards to
a rival's highlights without wanting to incorporate something revolutionary and beneficial for its clients is
In a meeting with TechCrunch, Instagram's VP of Product, Kevin Weil appreciated Snapchat for being the first
to look into this aspect of Stories, yet it's an arrangement/ brand and it will be received broadly over a variety of
Joining each other's highlights encourages online networking systems to remain applicable and all the more
captivating, keeping in mind that there would've been a unique social network with just hashtags, another with
straightforward messaging etc
Be that as it may, the team at Instagram appears to have taken to replicating the opposition's element and has
abandoned improving themselves with uniqueness.
To Innovate or To Clone?
Since the top and dominant organizations like Instagram's parent organization Facebook have the required
workforce to effectively duplicate new highlights from their rivals or up and coming new companies then the
question that arises is where does it provide the chance for new players with little workforce?
As a consequence the outcome in organizations like Facebook benefiting from any new highlights that the
market witnesses and catering it to such brand's own massive group of onlookers without giving the small
players an opportunity at the technology which has been enhanced.
In the event that cloning is given as much inclination over enhancing as is by all accounts the present pattern
then the day isn't far when there are no organizations left to duplicate from as new organizations face bad
consequences to compete the web-based social networking goliath and the subsidizing begins to dip
In any case, this may prompt better things like Facebook and their possessed ventures should begin improving
at one point in any event — when there is nobody for getting features to be duplicated from.