Instagram is an instant hit and handy tool for the manipulation of educational institutes, non-profit ventures, and other sectors.

Instagram is an instant hit and handy tool for the manipulation of educational institutes, non-profit ventures, and other sectors. The ease with which the app can be manipulated is simple as it focuses completely on visuals.

Featured are some statistics which would serve to amaze people

It features over 800 monthly active users where over 40 billion pictures are shared with the help of Instagram. On a daily basis 4.2 billion people like the video files and images posted on the platform where the latter is occupied with nearly 28% of Internet users comprising of the ages varying from 18 to 29. With this year end, it is predicted that 70 % of brands will embrace and integrate Instagram.

Over many as 10 video files or pictures can be uploaded in a single post where if the attention of the user was focused on a given picture, there is the likelihood that they will browse through the other files as well. In addition, the user can promote posts and develop advertisements catering to a given set of the audience where there is a greater level of involvement from them if motivated.  Brand visibility is enhanced with the help of visual stories and features effectively for non-profit organizations and other such establishments. Effective manipulation of hashtags helps to augment more followers.

In order to get more followers featured are some helpful guidelines mentioned below

The appropriate time for involving with Instagram is typically on Mondays and Thursdays. The manipulation of hashtags on Instagram can be done for utmost 30 hashtags. Some good hashtags to be used include #fundraising, #volunteer, #causes and the such. The videos posted must be amazing enough. If not they have to be of high definition in quality. Prior to posting, the aspect of whether the videos or images fascinate the user must be contemplated. If they behave on the contrary to the user then the same fate will be destined for the post from other people as well. The primary goal is to entrance the user base’s attention and seeing an influx of young users, they venture forward for things fascinating and enthralling them.

Further, the users have to tag people in the posts by manipulating @mention(username) to include their desired backers and other people outside the organization. This raises brand visibility and on tagging others the post will be pertinent and appropriate for a considerable amount of time.

Instagram users must ascertain that the follower base gets a glimpse of what the user is carrying out in the background related to the work which they carry out. It is prevalent among most of the latest generation users to manipulate filters and different emojis with the platform. The images can be filtered and the posts can be enriched with amazing emojis. After that, the people navigating through these posts will surely be enthralled and brought to notice regarding the same.