Instagram is featured as a mobile app where the platform will permit the user base to manipulate the photos so as to give a rich look with the manipulation of already integrated filters.

Instagram is featured as a mobile app where the platform will permit the user base to manipulate the photos so as to give a rich look with the manipulation of already integrated filters. The current era features people who want instantaneous results when it comes to downloading files, sending photos and surfing the internet. Featured is the fact that all the people desire to share photos with others however this is a tedious, monotonous and time-consuming task. Instagram features easy ways to share photos. The photos are snapped directly to upload or edit the photos already featured in the device’s memory where customization is done with the help of the aforementioned filters and can be shared for display on several social networking sites encompassing Instagram as well. The editing aspect of the photos encompass cropping the photo to a given shape and enriching it with an assortment of filters so as to promote a retro look for the pictures.
Instagram for Android
Following its astounding success, Android users had to wait patiently for Instagram to design an Android equivalent. In the month of April 5 years ago, the brand officially proclaimed that an Instagram app for the Android users was ready. It is compatible with any version of OS 2.2 and later. It also is compatible with OpenGL ES. All the features in the iOS version were present in the Android version as well. It comes with no additional tools. With the manipulation of Instagram’s API, the app can be synced up with other tools. The main logic behind the development is that the user base can easily edit and share photos within less timeframe across several platforms. The Instagram app is for free and the brand will soon roll out a “Freemium” version featured with extra attributes, the purchase of which is economically friendly and affordable.
In order to avail the Instagram app for the Android platform, the user base has to register with the app furnishing details regarding their email ids, address, usernames and passwords as well. The generated profile is synced up with the social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler and lots more. For the Android fans, they can snap photos or manipulate photos which are already present in the device with the help of various filters prior to sharing the photos. The Android app further encompasses the feature for the user base to follow all their friends associated with Instagram. This has made Instagram evolve into a social network. In addition, the app allows the Instagrammers to share photos with people who are not associated with Instagram through their Facebook and Twitter profiles. The Instagram app for the Android platform is suited to be working on the Android smartphones operating with Android 2.2 and above. Also, Instagram rolled out an updated version which has helped in removing bugs and issues like the Audio mute bug which generates once the user captures fixes. The photo-sharing app is compatible with all the Tablets and the Wi-Fi operating products. Instagrammers in particular especially those of users who have limited storage, the app can be mounted on to an external memory card.
Post launch of the Android version of Instagram, it accomplished a major milestone where a figure of more than 1 million users downloaded it within the first 24 hours and at the same time featured were about 719,874 Twitter posts related to the keywords Instagram and Android. In addition to this, there are more number of features integrated with the Instagram app. This signifies that Instagram can find various uses apart from just being standardized and categorized as an enhancement app.