Instagram is gaining more fame as the days pass by such that it was subject to acquisition by Facebook for a record $1 billion.

Instagram is gaining more fame as the days pass by such that it was subject to acquisition by Facebook for a record $1 billion. However, some questions arise as to how the Instagram URL can be found out and related to how the user can share the feeds with others. Further, a query will surface as to how the Instagram account can be synced with the YouTube equivalent


Step 1: Find the Custom URL Submission Form


The YouTube account has to be signed in and the drop down menu featured on the top right side of the page featuring the username has to be tapped on followed by “My Channel”. Next, the “About” section has to be availed and Edit has to be activated. Subsequently, the page has to be scrolled until it displays


Add a new link


Custom URL________


The window has to be minimized related to future manipulation.


STEP 2: Acquiring the Instagram URL or Web Address


The URL has to be availed and the option “Sign in via Instagram” has to be tapped on. ¬†This is followed by keying in the Instagram username and Password in the related form fields respectively found on the same page. After that, the Login button featured on the same page is activated.

Next, all the official terms and regulations have to be scanned and read through prior to giving the authorization rights for to access the account. Trying to assimilate the Instagram Web Address or URL won’t be possible if the user has not reviewed and accepted the terms and conditions. This is similar to all the third-party apps as the platform won’t furnish the URLs and web addresses related to the user base. Following this, the “Yes” button is activated and the email address has to be keyed in the “Verify your account ” form and finally tap the “Send” button.


STEP 3: Confirm Your Account


Initially, a new window through Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer is activated and the user has to login into the email be it Gmail or Yahoo Mail or Hotmail. The inbox must be scrutinized to access the confirmation email which was furnished by In the event, the user cant find it in the Inbox, then the Spam folder has to be availed and the likelihood of the message in that folder is very high. If not displayed in either then the user has to wait for some 5 to 10 minutes before it arrives. The email from [email protected] with the subject line “Confirm your followgram¬†account” has to be opened and the link located at the bottom of the mail shared must be activated. Thus a unique Instagram URL is developed and ready.


STEP 4: How to Add Your Web Address / URL to Your YouTube Profile


Once the aforementioned guidelines in the previous step are over, another window will be displayed with the URL followgram[dot]me/dashboard.

On observing the right side of the page, the new URL has to be highlighted. It is featured between “Share your vanity page” button and the “Tweet” button.Next, the user has to press Control+C or alternatively right click the given web address/ URL. Next, the window has to be minimized. The window page featured in Step 1 related to finding the Custom URL Submission Form on Youtube has to be availed. The “Title” field featured in the “Add a new link” form featured in the first step has to be clicked. Following that, a title has to be keyed in which suits the Instagram profile which will be put up for display in the YouTube Channel. Then, the Ctrl+V has to be pressed on the “Title” field and choose “Paste”. The “Add” button is activated and on getting to the top of the page, “Apply” is availed and clicked. It is featured below the “Search Channel” field.


That’s it ! the Instagrammer features a personalized Instagram URL which will be put up on the YouTube Channel and it can be posted on Facebook or Twitter and can be shared through email as well.