Instagrammers find the ease of posting a picture on to the platform in an instant when evaluated with the same process done on a typical social media network like Facebook.

Typically related to any parent, they assume that they have an insight about how their children handle digital activities as they have some idea about the usage of social media platforms like Facebook.

Revealing the concealed aspect is that Facebook is no more the trending mania with respect to teenagers. The current trend is related to the manipulation of an app by name Instagram wherein having a brief look at it, it might seem to be an effective method when it comes to sharing photos with the friends. Featured are lots more in this amazing app where it functions like a standalone version of the social media giant Facebook.

Facebook subjected Instagram to its acquisition for a record 1 billion dollars and this app serves to be a preparatory phase for the children before they take the plunge into social media networking. Featured on Instagram are the abilities to enable people to post up photos in the platform and involve a lot in liking and commenting on other people’s posts and pictures and basically what they are doing with the help of the app simultaneously.

The main reason why Facebook has not been able to dominate Instagram with respect to children is that everything related to their requirements is featured and furnished already in Instagram.

  1. Instagram is quick

Instagrammers find the ease of posting a picture on to the platform in an instant when evaluated with the same process done on a typical social media network like Facebook. Such is the speed which relates to snapping a photo via the user’s smartphone and uploading it to the Instagram account. Provided the Instagrammer is enthralled by a picture which was posted by one of the user’s followers, then all that has to be done is give a double tap and it confirms that the user likes the photo. Such an amazing feature with regards to accessibility is one of the primary reasons why Instagram is able to allure a lot of people.

  1. No matter how concealed the privacy settings are, some personal data will still be exposed

Featured are two privacy settings and if the most rigorous setting when it comes to protecting privacy is integrated, there are still lots of personal data which become exposed. Nearly all can view the profile of the user and featured for sure are several malicious minded people who might be in the venture of stalking the children base. This is evident from the prevailing news that children are being stalked and followed up to their homes as well. Care should be ascertained that the child is surely safe when it comes to Instagram usage and the maximum extent of information shared on the profile.

  1. Actual Friends and Digital friends

Featured is a stark difference between the Instagrammer’s friends who have been associated with for decades and becoming a friend with anybody who was the result of a digital interaction. In order to get more number of friends, the children add more number of such ‘friends’ to their Instagram profile. This is a highly risky venture related to disastrous consequences. The children must be enlightened about the perils associated with the same.

  1. Instagram is very much addictive

Instagrammers have generally become a lot more addicted and related to this the children will squander their precious time every day on Instagram, navigating across several photos and posting comments on them. This could result in very intense negative consequences related to their life which is exterior to the smartphone. Parents should monitor this type of trait followed by kids.

  1. What parents have to do

The parents should always consider the fact that Instagram is another portal for the child to land up in deep trouble and squander precious time. Any social media must not be criticized for the children to score low in their exams or land up in trouble just because they spent a lot of time on browsing photos. Parents should ensure that they track what their children are doing and enlighten them regarding the results of the associated actions.