Instagram’s feature for the user to make a request to be a part of an Instagram live stream

The latest news about Instagram is that it has conceptualized a brand new feature all related to the application of the photo-sharing app’s live product. Henceforth, the Instagrammers can generate a request so as to be a part of a given live stream which they are currently enticed to. If the request gets the approval, then the Instagrammers can initiate broadcasting as the host’s guest on a live air relay

In order to generate the request to be associated with a live video, the Instagrammer who is active can avail a request button which is featured in the comments section.After that, the hosts can view the request pop up window in real time and it is up to their decision whether to approve or decline from doing so. Further, the hosts can also view a collection of pending request pop-ups in the event several people want to be associated with the live stream.

It is old news that the Instagram app allows the users who are live streaming anything can make a friend to be associated with it. Now with the extra implementation of the request feature, the ventures related to partnering and joining hands together are made more enhanced and enriched to the next level.

To quote an instance, take the case of a famous celebrity who is involved in taking calls from the fan base. Now as the Instagram app is integrated with the feature to observe and access pending requests, the celebrity/host can select a fan at random or choose anybody who made a thoughtful and appreciative comment in the chat.

Featured is the concern that a wrong person could join the stream. Yet, this venture is not particularly prone to more issues when considering the scenario where people have been chosen in an erratic fashion to generate comments on the user base’s posts.

Taking into account the typical situation, the Instagram app can develop something like a two to three seconds delay where the host can discard the particular person from the stream when taking into account the fact that they posted objectionable comments. However, at present, it looks like the Instagram hosts are left with the only option that is to screen the guests in a critical and discriminatory fashion.

This feature must be beneficial when taking into account a group of friends. The pressure is now focused on the guest rather than the host, related to the partnership. This encourages more people to get involved and ultimately paves way for a satiated host and proper content being posted.

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