It was found that Instagram was experimenting with a new quot Sort quot feature for Stories

As of late, it was found that Instagram was experimenting with a new "Sort" feature for Stories
where fundamentally Instagrammers are given a chance to make more text-centered Stories.
Be that as it may, it appears that is not all Instagram is experimenting with on the grounds that
now it appears that they are trying out another component called "Active At" for its instant
messaging highlight.
The question now arises as to what exactly is "Active At"? Fundamentally this is like the "Last
Seen" highlight on WhatsApp and "Active At" on Facebook Messenger, where it tells
Instagrammers when the last time the other user was on the web. Given that Instagram isn't
precisely utilized for texting, we don't know how valuable the component may be.
Notwithstanding it could be helpful for Instagrammers endeavoring to connect with
organizations, where they can perceive how dynamic that business is as far as reacting to texts.
This could signify an indication of regardless of whether they'll get an answer on Instagram.
However as with all highlights that are being experimented, there's no reliable news to confirm
that this will make the cut, or on the off chance that it does, there's no news on when it will be
launched, so it is figured that the Instagrammers will need to sit back and watch.
Meanwhile, there are reports of different highlights that WhatsApp is experimenting with, for
example, screenshot alerts for when somebody snaps a screenshot of their stories.