Main features in an Instagram clone application

In this 21st century, every day to day activity is becoming more and more digitized thanks to the platform called mobile applications. With the help of smartphones and mobile apps, people can arrange meetings and carry out an effective person to person interaction from anywhere across the world. Thanks to social media and mobile apps, one can instantly connect and share whatever they want with people numbering in the billions. As an entrepreneur, you can do your part by developing a powerful Instagram clone application and earning huge revenues.


What is Instagram?

If you still don’t know what Instagram is, it is a social networking mobile app making use of which one can snap, edit and upload photos/ videos. Other people on the application can view these pictures and videos. There is still a lot more this fantastic app has to offer. Its userbase can also follow other celebrities or other prominent people. The Instagram posts of yours can be made public or restricted (private).

For a start, when you being using Instagram, you must find and follow people. Whomever you follow might post a picture/video, and it will be displayed in your timeline. Instagram’s Discover Page will help you in searching for some particular people to follow.

Instagram is also used for branding and marketing purposes. It can also be used as a platform to spread social awareness.

Seeing the potential that this app has to offer, everybody is busy in developing their own Instagram clone applications, and this practice is gaining more momentum.


Features in Instagram Clone

For your app to be a phenomenal success, it must be integrated with rich inbuilt features like the following: –


Activity Tracking:

The User base must be easily able to see and check who they are following / unfollowing, who are their followers, comments and other user posts.


Secured Sign in:

Login into the app can be done by several options, including the likes of Email, social media accounts and mobile numbers. The more the simplified options, the better is the chance of forming a loyal user base that regularly uses the app.


Searching for friends and family:

As mentioned earlier, people must be able to search for other users/ known people by using the search feature and keying in the name, mail id or username which was used in creating the account within the app.



With the ever-growing Selfie mania in the current times, filters have been flourishing well enough.  Umpteen number of filters should enable the users to edit the snapped pictures effortlessly.


User-based Information:

The Instagram clone app must enable the user base to seamlessly update the user information in the app, namely first & last names, contact information, address, mail ids etc. They must also be able to view the overall number of followers and following along with the photos posted & tagged.


Easy upload/removal of media files:

Users must be able to easily upload and remove photos/videos with a few clicks.


Push Notifications:

Wield the power of real-time push notifications in the clone app for any activity such as when the user received messages, when someone tagged the user in a post or when someone likes their photo/video. Users must also get notified if any suspicious activities are happening.


Geolocation feature:

This feature must be integrated into the Instagram clone to update the precise location of the uploaded media files by using GPS. Furthermore, the pictures must be labelled based on the place where they were snapped.



Use this feature to connect the user base with their followers or the following.


Social media integration:

The app must be interlinked with other social networking websites so that the user base can upload the media files to other social media platforms and the other way around as well.


Make sure to include other cool features like time-lapse and collage. The user base must be able to import media files from their phone gallery as well.




Social networking platforms are helping people in gaining more fame for the content being uploaded. It is also beneficial from an entrepreneurial perspective as it is the best way to amass higher income and money thanks to the highly engaging power of socialization.


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