News about Instagram revealing a new milestone and how to share Instagram Story with Facebook Story

Instagram which has emerged to be the best sought after selfie and photo sharing app has achieved a big objective.
Previously at an event, Instagram noted that there was a surge in the overall monthly user base, being incremented by 100 million users ever since April. Now the metrics stand at 800 million monthly users who manipulate the app atleast once every month to do their bidding.
Based on what Instagram had to say, the usage factor is much more higher where 500 million users throng the photo sharing app everyday.
The app was conceptualized by Kevin System and Mike Krieger 7 years ago and enjoyed considerable success. However its success rate and visibility augmented post its purchase by Facebook  in 2012. The massive surge which happened recently could be because of the implementation of the new Instagram Stories feature which rolled out in August 2016 where it allows the app users to add ephemeral media files like photos and videos which vanish in a day’s time.
Last month, based on what the photo sharing app had to report to TechCrunch, the metrics related to the advertisers and branders soared by 1 million giving the statistics of an cumulative 2 million ever since the March of this year.
Taking the case of Snapchat now under the name Snap also featured an transitory Stories feature which noted that it featured 173 million users as of August. With the progress of Instagram, the analysts say that  the app can reach the astronomical milestone of 1 billion monthly active users by the turn of the next year.
Speaking of other news, the photo sharing app launched some time back, the feature for its user base to integrate their Instagram Stories with their Facebook Stories. As preset, the user base must enable this functioning related to cross-posting for every Story post. Further, the photo sharing app allows the user base to activate an setting where they can by default share all the Instagram Story posts with that of the Facebook Story post.
To begin with, the user has to click the display picture present in the bottom right of the screen.  Next the gear icon has to be activated, which is present in the top of the screen. Listed below this “Account” has to be availed and then “Story Settings” has to be enabled. The final step is to activate the toggle present next to “Share Your Story to Facebook” and the user is all set. The media files like images and videos from the their Instagram Story posts are synced and updated in their Facebook Story post. To indicate that it has been activated, the toggle will be displayed in blue colour.