Power of Social Media

Launched in late 2010, the Social Media Powerhouse called Instagram is now predicted to close this year with over a 1 billion users. It has made the world notice its phenomenal growth and all types of enterprises are fervently working to create the ultimate Instagram Clone App. However, in your quest to achieve that goal it is pretty much obvious that you have to compete with other established giants like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, WhatsApp and of course Instagram too. However, the common assumption over here is associated with spending a lot of cash to be far more technically advanced than these contemporaries. That is exactly where our Instagram Clone Script called Snipofeed enters the picture. Firstly let’s gain some insight about the astounding success of Instagram. This can be attributed to Instagram’s smart innovative approach on several factors like Photo/Video Filters, Hashtags, Posts and Followers. For a start in Snipofeed register via means of Facebook or Google+ and thereby there is no need to key in an Email Id or a phone number for the same. There is a vast assortment of never before seen digital filters which will add top-notch quality to your photos. Speaking of videos we have also added slo-mo magic to take the visual experience to the next level. Snipofeed also offers you the liberty to use #hashtag in any way you like. The advanced search option and multi-language support are some other amazing features included in this Script. Create several albums for all your media content where each one serves a distinct purpose. Avail the state-of-the-art Messenger feature to interact with whom you are following, your followers and your friends as well. The incorporation of Geo location Integration with the media content can tell the world precisely where they snapped or recorded. Coming packed with everything to guarantee you a great in the world of Social Media, Snipofeed also ascertains that your privacy will never ever be compromised. Now that you got what comes packed with this Clone Script, the fun part is just beginning- We offer 200% customization to get the product developed in the way how you want it. Our team can make technical adjustments to ensure that the app consumes less space and run seamlessly on all devices. Contact us today for a free Consultation, and we will take care of the rest to ascertain that your customized and White labeled app is ready on time. Our dedicated marketing team knows how to cleverly implement Social media marketing & other such Referral programs to get you the greatest reach within a very short time. Speaking of Support and Maintenance for your app post-launch, ┬áleave it to our capable hands. Each and every very work involved in developing your product is surprisingly very much Cost Effective and you don’t have to spend anything extra to add that finishing touch or anything else. Soon enough the profits generated by your customized Instagram Clone will be that big and you will finally be happy that your big dream of building a powerful social app has finally come true.