Some words about the manipulation of Instagram for the benefit of any organization

Most of the people will be familiar with the photo-sharing platform app Instagram. With its exclusive use aimed at smartphones, the photos can be refined by adding captivating visuals prior to posting the edited photos on social media. It has also been manipulated by enterprises as a handy engagement tool. Featuring its powerful PR power, the organizations can manipulate Instagram so as to feature more engagement.

Photo Contests

Organizations can manipulate Instagram so as to feature photo contests which will nudge more users to get associated. Instagram features ease with respect to use and a majority of the people feature access regarding the same. Hence the likelihood of getting a considerable reaction is very much high if the contest is featured with a gift for winning it. This paves way for more visibility especially in the event when the competitors upload the photos onto social media pages of theirs.

Enterprise Advertising

Enterprises can make use of the pictures uploaded to Instagram for advertising. To quote an instance, a given SEO brand can ascertain that the enterprise has top ranking search in search engines and also, in addition, the enterprises can enrich and enhance the marketing with the help of captivating images of products in Instagram. To boost engagement, this can be associated with social media strategies as well.

Organizing several campaigns

Instagram involvement is done by utilizing the potential of people to be associated with forthcoming events. The user base can post their photos of the event thanks to the presence of credited hashtags where the closest one is manipulated which serves to promote interaction with respect to the user base which is being focused on.

User photos

Featured at the beginning of 2012 featured were over 15 million users. Currently, the figures indicate 700 million monthly active users. This is seeing the scenario that more and more people are preferring to share videos and images through online social media platform. Further, the user base can be associated with social media users manipulating the app. It is a good move by enterprises and organizations to upload their user photos on social media comprising of Twitter and the such, as it opens up a new portal for engagement with several new people. Further, they can be notified that they are valued and respected. The users are assured that their desired photos will be shared augmenting the worth of the brand and highlighting the user base simultaneously as well.

Details about the work done in the background

Featured are some enterprises which manipulate the app to reveal what happens at the back. This is done to create and augment a human image associated with the organization.