There is no stopping to Instagram’s wonderful features which enthralls its 700 million monthly active user base.

There is no stopping to Instagram’s wonderful features which enthralls its 700 million monthly active user base. A lot of innovation and brainstorming is conducted by this amazing photo sharing platform so that the methods to share media files like pictures and videos never cease to amaze and fascinate the user base who comprise of all ages

Some apps were developed which served to boost innovation and creativity with respect to the user base when manipulating Instagram. Featured among these are Hyperlapse and Layout.


Having its release 3 years ago, this captivating app features the Instagram users to record time-lapse videos which are associated with high quality and standards. Integrated within the app is a technological feature named Cinema which serves to bring a balanced state thereby circumventing the shake factor. This is used to develop top-notch and enthralling videos. The logic behind the stabilization factor is to record fluid videos.

Hyperlapse is seen as effective to manipulate where in the past the development of high definition videos was a challenging venture. It dealt with a cinematic appeal where there was the need of expensive equipment, careful and clear strategizing and also a software to refine the developed videos. In the case of Hyperlapse, all that is required is to tap the recording button to initialize the recording and click it once more if the user is satiated.

After that, the user can opt for featured choices of playback speed which varies from 1x to 12x. The speed of the video is proportional to the level selected.

In order to sync and upload the created video with the camera roll, it is all done with the click of the featured green check mark. Then, the user can instantly share the video file with others through Instagram.

Related to time-lapse videos the way they are played takes place at a very speedy motion related to how users manipulate the function of fast forward. The app finds its use in recording amazing scenes like the sun setting, a flower blooming, various birds flying across the horizon and almost anything which is preferred by the user.

The app is currently featured for the iOS platform alone


Another new app rolled out by Instagram is Layout. The app allows the user base to develop videos from several photo shoots in a way resembling that of a collage.

Post that, it will display the previews of several layout features which takes place simultaneously when the user is choosing the picture files from the camera. Featured along with this is a Faces option where it aids the user base in identifying group photos taken with a set of people.

In order to organize the photo files, it is made feasible in an easier manner by dragging and dropping the desired specific images. In order to experiment with the photos, they can be rotated or flipped so as to develop amazing and captivating effects and organizations.

The Photo Booth is an additional feature worth mentioning for the Layout app. On activation, the app initiates a countdown and will snapshot photos immediately.

The app is featured on both the iOS and Android devices.

The photo-sharing Instagram app was subject to acquisition by the social media giant Facebook 5 years ago. The next year, the progress of the app rose by an astounding 23%. Instagram is now featured and embraced by several enterprises related to their branding ventures.