There was a misconception associated with Instagram where a policy of the company noted that the user’s photos will be sold without any remuneration.

There was a misconception associated with Instagram where a policy of the company noted that the user’s photos will be sold without any remuneration. Founder of Instagram Kevin Systrom then criticized and pinpointed the outdated language of the legal documents for the miscomprehension and that steps were made to replace the language which created such a controversy. There was a concern as to whether the Instagrammers would manage their accounts post the deadline 4 years ago in January 16th or whether there was a negative impact beforehand.


Instagram was featured as a digital photo sharing app and social networking service was founded by Mr. Systrom and Cheyenne Foster 7 years ago. The basic operation is that the app featured for both the iOS and Android platforms will serve effectively in taking a snapshot of a picture and then edit it with a digital filter which once done can be shared across several social networking services. In a relatively short span of time, it grew to become the preferred way to share photos with the help of smartphones and was credited as the App of the Year by Apple one year after its inception.


In the earlier days, the app was developed so that revenue was generated through advertisements. Money making from services like Facebook and Twitter are not that easy to carry out and they feature risks. Coming to the month of April, 2 years after its launch, the former subject Instagram to acquisition for a deal of $1 billion in cash and stock. After that, Instagram was subject to lots of modifications so as to monetize by implementing advertisement sales.


The social network app assists the user base to upload photos rather than the concept of texts. The widespread visibility factor of Instagram serves to appease the brands who use it as a platform to connect with their customers. Brands are brainstorming for methods so as to sync up with their customer base. Instagram on its part was focused on another venture related to its launch of Web Profile pages for the user base then which would show all the user’s pictures. Although users could sign in they were unable to search and post photos


The mobile usage of Instagram is related to real-time information where it serves to appease a majority of the users as it looks to create a special bond when evaluated with the other social media sites. With the progress of Instagram, it occupies a major role with regards to social media. The main task for the enterprises is related to be associated with the discussion while at the same time making sure that the user base is not annoyed by being flooded with advertisements and worthless information.


Brands can manipulate Instagram to provide proper insight related to the happenings inside their enterprise for the customer base. Such a venture manipulating Instagram will provide a detailed comprehension of the brand. The intensity with which the customers like the brand will surely result in more sales. The app can be manipulated to boast and brag about what the enterprises have to offer.


Related to ownership rights and the aspect of privacy on the associated social media organizations, it is mandatory to go through and scrutinize regarding what the user has registered from an enterprise point of view which wields social media as a means of digital and mobile branding.