This is being viewed as a move by Instagram to add more muscle to its chat capacity.

Instagram is following in the strides of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, by presenting the
'last seen' status. This is being viewed as a move by Instagram to add more muscle to its chat
capacity. On the immediate messages screen, Instagram will distinguish and highlight people
with whom you have coordinated with before and demonstrate their present status or all the
more accurately when they were last on the web.
Instagram has included the "Show Activity Status" to the choices inside the Settings part of
Instagram and it comes as a default choice. In the event that you wish to have it deactivated,
you can do as such. As it is with alternate administrations like WhatsApp, the minute you have
chosen the deactivate choice for the 'Show Activity Status", it will consequently mean your
status won't be noticeable to the others and you can't likewise observe their status from your
Instagram profile
In spite of the fact that it is conceivable that Instagram has not made this component accessible
to all clients all around, it seems numerous clients have comprehended the variation in their
records whether they are utilizing the application.
It has likewise been clarified that only one out of every odd follower in your Instagram record will
be incorporated into this status visibility highlight. It will be restricted just to those you have
chatted with you before and does not demonstrate points of interest like 'online' as should be
obvious in WhatsApp. It just demonstrates to what extent prior your contact had looked through
your postings.
Numerous individuals feel this arrangement of a "seen" message would be of advantage to be
proficient and organizations which have posted some critical picture or message and would be
quick to know whether it has been perused. What's more, the option to quit the app is
additionally being invited. The explanation behind this is Facebook Messenger does not permit
you this extravagance.