Time spent by people viewing Instagram Stories launched

Time spent by people viewing Instagram Stories launched in August 2016 — could in future exceed the time spent in the Instagram Feed, which is the permanent streaming of photos and videos with comments that launched 7 years ago.

From June, the video watch time on Instagram has grown by 80% year over year and related to the videos shared it is 4 times more. Taking the timeframe of June 2016 to April 2017, Instagrammers are numbering in 300 million daily active users related to Instagram Stories and as a whole comprises of 500 million daily active users as of September

Delineating the key differences between Instagram Stories and Instagram Feed will provide insight on their similarities and variations

Stories core:

A: Ceases to exist 24 hours

B: Responses are private messages

C: Outlines who have viewed the Story

Feed core:

D: Permanent existence if not discarded

E: Hearts and comments displayed for those who view the post.

Stories current design:

A: A small circle profile photo

B: To avail the next Story, swipe left

C: Photos are displayed for 3 seconds and for video files it is once

D: Swiping down will close and swiping up allows responding with confidentiality and privately

Feed current design:

E: Detailed is the full width of video or photo and stays good with dimensions  1:1 for square, 1.91:1 for landscape or 4:5 for portrait

F: Featured is the name along with the profile photo which is displayed outside the video or photo integrated with captions, comments, and buttons.

G: To avail more Feed Posts, scroll up

Given the insight from how Stories are featured to make a video as the centre of attention, a new methodology to feed may augment the number of videos shared and enhance the ratio of videos to photos shared and also augment the time frame related to which people prefer to view the videos making use of the Instagram app.

Full-screen Feed posts with a single tap to avail the next post

With regards to viewing the content, this is much speedier and a simple way which is accomplished with one hand functioning. Click on all the various videos and photos encompassed in an album post.

Absent is the attribute of sharing the information related to who all have viewed every Feed post so as to maintain a finely separated line between Feed and Stories. Featured are the attributes associated with cropping/ editing tools of Feed posts which are used as modification alternatives after generating a photo/ video file via camera.

Activating Stories comments and needing permission related to comments prior to sharing

The person can opt for the posts to be shared so as to see responses. Comments in Stories serve effectively to share responses among the viewer base. Enlightened with the knowledge that the default logic is to delete the comments along with the Story, this will nudge people to share even more comments.

This feature to have a glance at the comments prior to posting is done so as to give the person posting more power over the comments which are integrated with the content.

Comments can be toggled by the manipulation of the camera and then by selecting Next.

Clicking on the comment icon allows the user in order to reply with a comment on a Story and swiping up is related to anonymous and secured replies. Therefore with comments activated, featured is a preexisting attention on private replies.

Deactivating auto-play Stories

View the stories which you tap.By deactivating auto lay will make it go dormant until it is toggled back on. Another venture is that by deactivating auto-play it can last for the given session or a day’s time prior to returning to auto-play for the subsequent Story.

Developing multiple videos/photos incessantly

This feature allows the pre-integrated functionality in the phone’s camera app to develop a  list of videos/photos which are the need of the moment and by manipulating the “Multi” camera option and then by clicking on the thumbnail to choose the videos/photos serves effectively. The media will be uploaded to the camera roll or the cloud platform.