When trying out Instagram for the first time, featured are several ways as to how a picture or image can be touched up.

When trying out Instagram for the first time, featured are several ways as to how a picture or image can be touched up. Further, the photo can be subject to customization from several filters integrated and the posts can be shared with the manipulation of other social media sites. The user will gain followers in a relatively small amount of time.


In the event, if the user is naive and new to Instagram, it is a photo sharing platform which is effective on smartphones where the user base has to download the app from the App Stores and upload pictures like they are original or have been edited with rich filters. This serves effectively in integrating a nostalgic look for the picture with the manipulation of a public feed. Similar to other social networks, the user base can follow one another and post likes and comments on the uploaded pictured. The feeds related to Instagram can be availed with the help of an assortment of websites, but the user base can add brand new photos with the help of the app alone.


After its launch in late 2010, the app captivated the attention of the social media giant Facebook which subjected Instagram to acquisition for a sum of 1 billion dollars. In addition are features where the users can tweak the Instagram photos into postcards, magnets, and stickers which signifies its dominating presence in smartphones.

The question that arises now is how Instagram can be manipulated for productivity by enterprises which provide services and products. Primarily, the app is mainly utilized to share photographs and thus the main idea must be to enrich the feed with related photos and nudge the followers to post likes and comments. The Instagram app is manipulated to help the people in promoting the brand to the next level.

Similar to Twitter, the Instagrammers can tag any photos which they post. An effective venture in order to make brand visibility and reach is to organize contests where the user base can post a relevant photo based on the regulations featured in the contest. Apart from promoting effective branding, the chances of the brand to go viral are augmented as the related followers will be associated with the tags and the feed.

Further, the photo-sharing app can be synced up with Facebook pages and Web applications which serve a multitude of purposes. An Instagram tab can be integrated with any Facebook page so as to be present with several photos which can be used in relation to a given hashtag. This also serves effectively for the user base to tag their photos which they display. For instance, the users manipulate Hootsuite which can be used to share the photos from Instagram onto the Facebook and Twitter accounts as well. Once the user base has the means to send photos, all the requirements for an outstanding and smashing contest are set in place.

Currently, for interaction, more and more people manipulate mobile applications. In regards to this, the enterprise needs need to have an innovative approach when it comes to thinking about effective means and also they should make use of social media to get associated with the people. Some experimentation with Instagram is suggested and it serves to be very much effective and useful with regards to usage.